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Meet Kristi

I'm a western, tropical, astrologer who loves the symbolic meanings presented in everyday life through astrology. I have been practicing tarot for 30 years and have been a professional astrologer for 5, although I have been passionate about astrology for much longer. My desire is to help those who are seeking to know life through the archetypal lens of the cosmos and the tarot, so they may understand their own personal astrology and the meaning behind planetary transits to enhance spirituality, and enjoy a more peaceful, balanced, symbolic life.

My Specializations

If you desire a specific reading that is not listed below, please email me so that I may personalize your booking. 

Natal Chart Interpretations

Tarot Card Readings

Personal Year Ahead Astrology Readings

Courses on Astrology & Tarot

Blended Personal Reading with Astrology & Tarot

Seminars, Webinars, & Content Creation

What Clients Say

“Kristi was able to help me understand that the events in my life over the last year were timely and in line with my astrological path. She helped prepare me for some significant, upcoming life changes, in a positive and spiritually reassuring manner.”

~ Steven K.


“I know that I am mortal by nature, and ephemeral; but when I trace at my pleasure the windings to and fro of the heavenly bodies I no longer touch the earth with my feet: I stand in the presence of Zeus himself and take my fill of ambrosia”

― Ptolemy, Ptolemy's Almagest

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